Councilman Androwis and Foster Lowe for bettering our future. Vote column 1 on November 5th 2019 for District 36. Vote Republicans for a responsible government.


NO TAX INCREASE We are already over Taxed

Reduce Taxes and the burden off the taxpayer. This was proven already in our municipality when I took the finance department, the year I took office it was ZERO increase that year which never happened in 20+ years although our Borough have no major ratable from businesses to offset the burden of taxpayers.

NO Recreational Marijuana:

Definitely will be Blocking and voting against the recreational Marijuana which was proven already, any state legalized the Marijuana on their states it destroyed many families also increased the accidents by more than 65%. I took motion in 2018 to not allow any business to open in our Borough if this law passed by the state.

NO for removing funds from Volunteers/First Responders: 

Gov. Phil Murphy’s proposed state budget calls for taking $33 million from a special fund that’s designed to help New Jersey firefighters and their families in difficult times. The money would be placed into the general fund so it could then be used by state leaders for whatever purposes they want. We need to support our Volunteers/First responders not take money from them and their families.

YES supporting small/Large businesses:

We need to help our small businesses to stay in business and hire more people also the big companies to stay in NJ and don’t leave to other states or internationaly. We have the infrastructure and manpower no need for any major company to leave N.J. and go to other location

YES to improve our roads and infrastructures:

Our district need major road improvements program, pedestrian access with no hazardous sidewalks and overpass/bridges. I have been working with our grant writer on multiple grants which allow our Borough to do major road improvements at little to no cost in certain roads. We need to start thinking outside the box and look at every option to improve our infrastructure without increasing taxes on our residents.

YES To Androwis & Lowe

Please vote on 11/5/2019 for Androwis and Lowe for the change our district/State need desperately.